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Audi Canada - Class Action suit - Please contact me.


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Default Re: Audi Canada - Class Action suit - Please contact me.

You need to gather all the maintenance records, hopefully all from an Audi dealership, and contact Audi Canada and voice your displeasure. All the time you must confirm your brand loyalty to Audi. Read all my posts to other people. Don't yell or scream over the phone, these are regular people on the other end of the call. You need to have documents or correspondence from the dealer saying this was normal when in reality it's not. This is totally unacceptable from Audi Canada and the local dealer knowing damn well Audi USA Corp. lost a class action lawsuit to the tune of $23 million US.
My take on this that Audi Canada would rather deal with this on a case by case basis instead of a factory recall, much cheaper in the long run. Volkswagen AG had to buy back some 350,000 diesel VW's roughly $8 billion it is costing them.
I guess I am a lucky one who put up a good fight and had 75% of my rebuild cost covered by Audi Canada.Good luck. Keep me posted
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Default Re: Audi Canada - Class Action suit - Please contact me.

Originally Posted by maiorino09 View Post
Hello Everyone,

If you have an Audi or VW with the infamous 2.0 TFSI, or more specifically the CAEB engine and you are using oil, no specific amount just using oil, please contact me. I am in talks with a law office in Ottawa willing to open a Canada wide class action case against Audi Canada for Oil burning or consumption.

Audi of America has recently settled in a class action suit with our southern neighbours (USA) to the tune of over 23 million dollars. Even covering the cost of previous engine work done to Audi engines at Audi dealerships.

The issue, as many of you know, lies in the piston rings being incorrect from the factory. Audi has known this since 2008. It is a world wide problem
There is a new design for piston rings, pistons, and connecting rods for the CAEB engine.

If you have a CAEB 2.0 engine burning oil , 1 liter per 1000kms - give or take.
If you paid out of pocket for the oil consumption test part 1 or 2 you could also be reimbursed. Please contact me through audi, if you want more info.

I have many links as well as the legal documents for the case that closed this past October 2014.

I am helping the law office build a plaintiff list. This is a class action suit with hundred or potentially thousands of plaintiffs, there will be no upfront cost to anyone, just information sent to the law office, not to me.
To fins out if your engine is the CAEB you can call your local dealer with your VIN#.

I will happily pass you the information of the law office, or vice versa, I am happy to act as a middle man.
Many of us have been living with this problem for far too long. We paid a premium for the Audi name and its heritage and its far time Audi correct this issue.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
Hi Appraiserguy1
I've owned a 2011 A4 for 4 years, I am the 2nd owner of this vehicle, and just recently tested it for over consumption, and it failed.
The dealership put in a claim for fixing the issue, and Audi Canada will not pay for labor (which its about 3k), they will just cover the parts. I found out that the previous owner did not do the maintenance on time, he had a 20 k gap between a couple of oil changes, which blows my mind, because the maintenance was prepaid up to 70 or 80 k. These gaps are the reason why they wont fully cover the fix.
I just spoke with a rep from Audi Canada, to see if I could get them to reconsider their decision and at least cover for half of the labor, given the circumstances. I explained to him that I purchased the vehicle from a Volkswagen dealership, certified, and that I was assured the car had a proper maintenance record, and since I believe that Volkswagen and Audi are the same company, I didn't think I would have been mislead by any of their reps. I also told him that now I'm facing a +$3000 bill for a recall on a well known issue on these vehicles, and that the reason why I bought Audi was because I thought they are the greatest vehicle out there and whenever the company had an issue, they would fix their faults properly and in a fairly manner to their clients. I asked him for guidance and consideration, and there was zero interest from their end to look into my case.
Im not sure what to do from here...
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Default Re: Audi Canada - Class Action suit - Please contact me.

My experience so far is a little better. I was informed that my 2011 A4 is under an extended warranty. 8 years 130,000 kms for the oil consumption issue. I have until June 2019 and I'm at 115k kms now. I brought my car 2 weeks ago to the dealer and was also informed that there is a recall on the car for something relating to the oil issue. They did the work on the recalled part a few days later and then charged me 180$ for an oil change that I had to do with them to begin the oil consumption test. As expected, my light turned back on after 1,000 kms. I went back yesterday and they told me that the car failed the test (obviously) and that the warranty will cover parts and labour. I had to show all my receipts for oil changes since I owned the vehicle (the previous owner did all the oil changes at the same dealer where I bought my car and I did them somewhere else except for the 1st one that I still had through Audi car package). My invoices had dates of the changes, not the kms, but I do under 20k kms a year and change oil twice a year so it looks like that was enough for them. The only catch now is that some parts (like the timing chain) might need to be changed too once they take the engine apart. If some of these others parts need to be changed I will have to pay for the parts, but the labour is included in the warranty work. We'll see how much that costs, but so far I think I'll be coming in under 1k for everything, which I feel is pretty good about at this point. I strongly urge anyone that falls under the extended warranty to go to the dealer asap if they do feel they have the oil issue or just to be sure that the recall has to be done or not. I believe models between 2011 and 2014 are affected (4 cylinder turbos), but I'm not 100% sure. I managed to get a 2018 Q3 from them as a replacement car, so that's good too.
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Default Re: Audi Canada - Class Action suit - Please contact me.

My current situation is that the car, since around 105,000km, is going through 1L of oil every 1,000kms. When originally purchased at the Audi dealership, I was up-sold a STaSIS performance package (exhaust and ECU tune) with the assurance from the dealer that Audi Canada and STaSIS had a arrangement whereby these modifications would not effect the warranty on related engine or exhaust components. Turns out that relationship fell apart, the dealer realized two years later that they were mistaken in their information and guarantees, and now Audi Care and Audi Assist refuse to honour the extended oil consumption warranty because the ECU was modified. They even required that I complete a 2nd oil consumption measure at $330 before they could determine I was qualified, only then to be refused by Audi and receive a 'we're very sorry' from the dealer.The car is now at 128,000kms, still guzzling oil and I am looking at about $5,400+tax for a rebuild at my local private Audi specialist (dealer quoted about $7,000). The fact that the wrong pistons were installed at the factory (this I was told by both Audi Care Canada rep and the dealer) has nothing to do with a modified ECU which would have no effect on inadequate piston alloy expansion and contraction. Just an excuse to avoid doing right by their customers and correcting their mistake. I have been driving Audis for more than 20 years, always from the same dealership and feel abandoned and cheated out of enjoying what I always thought was a superior automobile from a respectable manufacturer. Feel like I have run out of options, but if anyone else has found themselves in this situation (STaSIS tune or otherwise) or with missing oil change records, please let me know. With enough information and collaborative efforts maybe there is still something we can do.
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